Skin Rejuvenation | LASER TREATMENTS

Every person ages differently. Some develop redness or sun spots. Others have changes in pore size, fine lines, wrinkles or laxity of the skin. We combine the best high tech lasers and injectables available to help alleviate many of these changes. We don’t charge anything to consult with you about your concerns and will map out a plan to meet your needs.

Cutera Laser Treatments  
The world’s most acclaimed skin laser system company.

Laser Genesis
This is our non-ablative “go to” treatment from which everyone over 30 can benefit from. We use it at a minimum to maintain your present skin health but clients constantly report that it “took years off”. Painless and relaxing with no downtime, this treatment is the foundation step to skin rejuvenation. It helps restore skin plumpness by stimulating collagen with a gentle deep heat. We usually recommend a series of six to get you started, done at 2-4 week intervals and then maintained with quarterly treatments as deemed necessary. This is a subtle treatment — in fact, you have probably seen these clients out and about, but can’t exactly tell what they’ve done differently (which is how we like it)!

$350 Face | $600 Face&Neck     
Packages available including a luxury package that includes face, neck, chest and hands.

Limelight (IPL)  
Brown/red pigment corrector and collagen stimulator to some extent.

$350 Face | $350 Chest | $250 Hands                              
$175 | Minimum light charge                     

Laser Hair Removal (permanent hair reduction)
In our Madison location, we’ve recently added the Lumenis Duet, a virtually pain-free modality laser that is simply awesome! Come in for a free underarm demo if you want to see how painless it is! Prices range from $99 for the underarms to $399 for both full legs. A series of 6 is recommended but we can help decide what is best for you. Package pricing available.

$500 | Titan
Skin tightening is another non-ablative, deep heat treatment that works to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Collagen molecules are like a slinky, becoming stretched out over time. Titan works to recoil the slinky back to its tighter, younger shape. We typically do a target area including the jowls and lower face/upper neck. The prevailing national recommendation is a series of three, each of them one month apart. Results generally are seen in 4-6 months after the original treatment.

$1,500 | Cutera Pearl (Full Face)
Laser ablative treatment for deeper skin rejuvenation. This procedure offers the most effective treatment to address fine lines, uneven skin texture and discoloration without a lengthy downtime that is required with CO2 and fractional laser systems.  The end result is about the same as the Genesis series but with perhaps a little better collagen stimulation and a much quicker, almost immediate resurfacing change after the ablated skin peels off over the following 5-7 days.  Studies have shown that two annual treatments will diminish 80% of brown spots and increase skin density. However, most of our clients are happy with one-time results!

Target areas pricing available on a per-client evaluation basis.